... always were most important for me.

To know what's behind the horizon, which view may unfold behind the next hill-top, the immersion into foreign cultures, the crossing of borders - those things have always been the most important in my life.

... and always on the road.

The list of my most important trips ...

1970:  Hamburg - Kathmandu - Just turned 18 years, after completing high school, another three friends a 10 years old VW-Bus overland until the Himalajas.      
1971: Off the beaten track to Kaschmir - Afghanistan: the northern route, Pakistan: the southern route, Iraq, Syria and Lebnon.
1973: Driving in an Unimog to Afganistan - Crossing Iran and Afghanistan, lowering the cost burden by taking tavellers on board as paying guests
1974: the big "Rödelei" - A winter time journey in an Unimog to Persia, science, car break downs and the whole catastrophy.   
1977: Danakil- 3 men, 3 camels, maching though the Danakil desert, experiments to gain water from the air, ambushes and a lot of press attention.                                     
1978: Iran before the revolution - Transferring a brand new BMW to Teheran, enjoying the Persian spring time.
1982: GDR - On board of the Germania VI and the members of the Krupp foundation being guests of Erich Honecker.      
1984: South America - Crossing the Atlantic ocean on board of the Germania VI, mountain trips in the Andes.          
1985: Western Africa - Acting as the Navigatoron board of the Germania VI from the Canary islands to the Capeverdean islands.    
Queuing up as No. 0011 I became an early member of the German headquarters of Globetrotters e.V. (dzg)      

Horst Walther, Hamburg