changing faces

When I was born at the shores of the river Spree more than 60 summers back, I entered this strange world rather calm and serene. It took a cold shower to wrench the first cry from me. After I had experienced my very start as being thrown at the deep end, there was not much left to shock me further on ...

Now - after my years of travel - I live in Hamburg. My intermediate stations in lower Saxony were Wingst at the Balk lake (county of Stade) and Mevenstedt near Worpswede in the devils moore (county of Osterholz-Scharmbeck). In the former cloister town Zeven (county of Bremervörde) I visited the St. Viti-Gymnasium and later I moved with my parents to Scheeßel (county of Rotenburg/ Wümme).

After completing my studies in chemistrycomputer scienceoriental studies and macroeconomics in Hamburg to my surprise I found an attractive job here. But soon I moved on to Aachen, back to Hamburg, to Frankfurt respectively Bad Soden at the Taunus, to Klagenfurt at the shores of the Wörther lake (Austria), and back again to Hamburg.

My studies were interesting and I took them serious. - But most important for me was to travel - to Asia, Africa and Southern America. These journeys had great influence to my life.

For about twenty years the nomad tried to settle down. Monte dos Sarilhos, a farm and a large and dry piece of Land in the rural Portuguese Alentejo, hat the power to tie me to its red soil and an old farmhouse made of clay and stone. This magic place (Google Earth Placemark) might have made me stick to it for a longer while ... but the times they are changing - I am on the move again!

Horst Walther, Hamburg