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Inspired by a journey to the middle east, we started in the middle of the year 2000 an intensive search for an efficient technique to produce water, particularly in deserts.

Today, after five years of research and development, we have created the Alpha-Spring technology, an amazing and simple technique to collect moisture out of the atmosphere. This technique uses wind- and solar energy to produce great amounts of pure water.

We presently have a small prototype and our goal now is to develop within the next years the Alpha-Spring technique to production stage.

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Thousands of strings of egg-shaped pearls hang from the ceiling to the floor within the reactor and wind, or even a slight breeze, flows continually through the reactor.

A hygroscopic salt solution, (i.e., a solution that absorbs moisture from the air) is poured down each string of pearls and the solution clings to the string of pearls as it flows downward. The amount of flow is controlled from above.

The constant flow of hygroscopic salt solution over the many strings of pearls creates the absorption of a lot of moisture from the air.

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Loaded with water that is absorbed from the air, the hygroscopic salt solution finally reaches the lower storage tank at the bottom of the reactor.

Subsequently, a specially developed overpressure zyclon-steamdistillation-system separates pure water from the hygroscopic salt solution.

Distilled water now flows through a gravel bed to add minerals. The salt solution is recirculated to continue absorbing moisture.

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Commercial efficiency

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The Alpha-Spring technology is able to provide high quality water at any location in the world. Alpha-Springs work best at higher elevations. Higher elevations have more wind and allow water to flow without pumping to where it is needed. Water pipes and expensive water systems are, therefore, not required.

This system does not harm the environment, because the water is produced near the consumer and finally goes back to the surrounding environment. This means that the whole system works in a natural hydrological cycle.

The use of wind and solar energy not only reduces the consumption of oil for energy, but creates new market opportunities and jobs. Besides this, water from the Alpha-Spring is extremely suitable for regenerating spoiled soil because it has 50 times less salt (parts per million) than ordinary desalinized water.

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Many of the world's deserts are really blessed with a remarkably high humidity level and wind velocity. Therefore, there is great potential to produce and supply water where needed.

One Alpha-Spring installation, with a dimension of 35 by 50 meters built in the middle east area would be able to deliver approximately 1,2 million cubic meters of water per year. Our calculations are based upon the meteorological reports.

Our goal is for the Alpha-Spring to produce one cubic meter of water for a cost of two €.

alpha spring - the vision

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